Presently, Furzebrook Studios has 6 artists in residence:

Rachel Fooks Ceramicist & Pottery Class Tutor
Rachel is an established ceramicist who’s best known for her sea-inspired sculptures that seem to defy the laws of gravity! Lately, she’s been experimenting with making forms using locally dug clay and glazes made from plants, trees and sea weed. She’s a strong believer in passing on her pottery skills to others and so delivers a range of pottery classes suitable for all abilities.

Julie Herring Artist, Designer, Curator & Art Class Tutor
Julie is a multi-talented creative with a long history of working in the art and crafts. She has curated exhibitions for some of the biggest names in the creative industry. She draws on her varied experience and knowledge to paint atmospheric landscapes and production runs of handmade prints. She also offers a range of art classes with a focus on nature.

Fiona Dent Fine Artist
Fiona’s mixed career reflects her long term commitment to social change and human rights: She has had the opportunity to work with many people in very challenging situations such as those within the criminal justice system, those who are homeless, people with addictions and victims of trauma. Her experience of working alongside such a variety of people over the years has influenced and motivated her art greatly. Her work frequently combines both conceptual and representational approaches and she constantly seeks new ways to express and explore complex ideas such as the abuse of power in relationships and more broadly within cultures. Fiona’s work is deeply bound to life experience.

Anna Tayler Seamstress
Anna has worked as a seamstress for many years, although has only recently taken the plunge to make it her full time job. To date she has made over 400 dresses, shorts and sanitary ware for a charity helping children in developing countries. She also makes clothing for children and adults, ceramic dress making pattern weights and quirky freeform embroidery framed pictures. She offers the chance for people to come and learn how to use their own sewing machine, make clothing for charity, how to follow and make clothes from a dress making pattern and other fun projects.

Paul Smith Ceramicist
Paul is an experimental ceramicist who’s greatly inspired by the pottery of the Japanese masters – you’ll see that many of his forms are reminiscent of this tradition. He also has a particular interest in using objects that have been discarded to create texture and he enjoys walking the Purbeck coastline collecting sea glass that he uses beautifully to decorate his pots. Each of Paul’s pieces are totally unique, making his work very desirable.

Patrycja Walczewska Photographer
Patti takes stunning photographs specialising in maternity shots, couples, new born babies and children. She has a unique talent for making people look amazingly beautiful, adding a touch of drama and romanticism to her photos.